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Key Contacts at ICES

Mahmoud Azimaee
Director, Data Quality and Information Management
Rosario Cartagena
Chief Privacy and Legal Officer
Deborah Creatura
Interim Director, Communications
Dave Dowe
Director, Cybersecurity
Rosa Franzese
Director, Human Resources
Astrid Guttmann
Chief Science Officer
Minnie Ho
Director, Data and Analytic Services
Ashif Kachra
Director, Corporate Strategy & Business Services
Erin Macdonald
Director, Research and Analysis
Marcel Marra
Director, IT
Jenine Paul
Manager, Public Engagement & Knowledge Translation
Sujitha Ratnasingham
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Michael Schull
Marian Vermeulen
Senior Director, Research, Data and Financial Services
Charles Victor
Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships and Digital Services