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ICES Research

ICES Research program


ICES uses information graphics (infographics) to share highlights from our recent research in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format.

Ontario Stroke Registry

The Ontario Stroke Registry is used for monitoring and reporting on the quality of stroke care in Ontario. The registry is also a rich clinical database for investigator-initiated research projects.

ICES Public-Oriented Research Findings

ICES publishes research findings through many different mechanisms. Here, publicly available ICES findings are tailored and reformatted to enhance their relevance for members of the public.

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ICES In The News

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ICES Data & Partnerships

Data & Analytic Services

As part of the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit, researchers, students and knowledge users can access ICES data through ICES Data & Analytic Services (ICES DAS).

Data Dictionary

The ICES Data Dictionary is a description of the ICES Data Repository: the files, the fields and the meaning of all valid values.

Privacy at ICES

Information is the foundation of everything ICES does. ICES relies on its ability to collect and use information that is subject to privacy laws & standards and is deeply committed to its protection.

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ICES Publications

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