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Media Information

Meet the team that can help you shine a spotlight on the groundbreaking research that will inspire action and advance healthcare for all.

ICES Experts

The Communications Department coordinates all media for ICES. Members of the media interested in speaking to a researcher or any staff member at ICES are asked to contact our Communications team in advance of any interview or photo opportunities. A media office representative must accompany any member of the media when at ICES.

ICES is home to hundreds of experts in various health-related fields. Our experts are available to offer comment or perspective and conduct interviews. To find an expert, please contact our Communications team.

Filming at ICES

The Communications Department also facilitates filming (for feature films, television and special projects) on the premises. Please contact our Communications team for more information about filming onsite.

Logo Aquisition

If you would like to request use of our logo, please contact our Communications team.