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Become an ICES Post-Doctoral Trainee, Fellow or Visiting Scholar

Our ICES team will support you on your journey to unleash the power of data to improve health and healthcare in Ontario

Important Information

An ICES post-doctoral trainee is a post-PhD or post-MD/MSc researcher whose primary research training and affiliation is at ICES using ICES data. The term for an ICES post-doctoral trainee appointment is two years and can be renewed once to a maximum total term of four years.

An ICES fellow is a junior researcher or clinician-researcher who is seeking an ICES scientist appointment but who has insufficient ICES research experience to meet the minimum requirements for scientist appointment. The term for an ICES fellow appointment is two years and can be renewed once to a maximum total term of four years.

An ICES visiting scholar is a non-ICES researcher, generally from outside of Canada, who comes to ICES to conduct independent research in their field of expertise and to exchange knowledge and expertise. A visiting scholar is required to have an academic appointment at their home institution. The term for an ICES visiting scholar is variable but must be agreed to prior to the start of the visit and is generally less than one year.

ICES post-doctoral trainees, fellows and visiting scholars conduct their work within an ICES research program and must have an ICES supervisor who is a full status ICES scientist. ICES post-doctoral trainees, fellows and visiting scholars may be granted direct access to individual-level ICES data through either the ICES Research Analytic Environment (RAE) (on-site or remote access) or the ICES Data Safe Haven (DSH) (remote access). Currently, remote data access through these routes is limited to those who are physically in Canada.

ICES does not provide salary and/or benefit support for post-doctoral trainees, fellows or visiting scholars.

Application Acceptance is Contingent on the Following

  • For a fellow, a minimum of a Master’s degree in a quantitative discipline such as biostatistics, epidemiology or health services research (or a related field) with a health professional degree, or a PhD.
  • Funds to carry out the proposed program of research. Funds from a for-profit entity cannot be used to support operating costs associated with research using ICES data, regardless of whether the entity’s products/services are involved. However, salary awards from for-profit entities are acceptable under certain circumstances, as determined by ICES.
  • Ability to conduct ICES research and work with ICES staff and resources according to ICES policies, procedures and code of conduct.
  • Human resource capacity at the ICES location of the proposed research to support the applicant’s program of research. Applicants should confirm resource availability at the ICES site of interest at the time of application.

ICES Post-Doctoral Trainee, Fellow, & Visiting Scholar Application Must Include

  • A completed ICES Post-Doctoral Trainee, Fellow and Visiting Scholar Application Form.
  • A one-to-two-page outline of the applicant’s specific research plans for working with ICES data and staff during their term, including how the work will be funded and the ICES research program and site where the work will take place. Visiting scholars should also include a description of their overall objectives for coming to ICES and how their research plans at ICES will benefit both their research program and research at ICES.
  • A current curriculum vitae with any research funding and publications involving ICES data (or substantially similar data) annotated.
  • A letter from the applicant’s nominated supervisor (who must be a full status ICES scientist) outlining the support that will be provided to the applicant, which typically takes the form of advice, collaboration and in-kind support from within the research program/site.
  • Confirmation of appointment support from the relevant ICES site director if applicable.
  • A completed Project Activation Worksheet (PAW), which can be obtained from the appropriate research program coordinator (for applicants to ICES Central or the Kidney, Dialysis & Transplantation Research Program) or facility administrator (for applicants to a specific ICES site).
  • A completed Conflict of Interest Declaration Form which requires review of the ICES Conflict of Interest Policy.

Individuals who have conflicts of interest that limit their ability to participate in research at ICES and/or pose a repetitional risk to ICES, as determined by the chief executive officer, will not normally be appointed as an ICES post-doctoral trainee, fellow or visiting scholar.

Applications are reviewed by the chief executive officer, chief science officer and science advisor. Exceptions to the appointment criteria may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Us

To apply to become an ICES post-doctoral trainee, fellow or visiting scholar, please send all required documents to the appropriate research program coordinator or facility administrator (for applicants to a specific ICES site).