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Discover the many ways to work with ICES.

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There are several ways that researchers can access ICES data:

  • Become an ICES scientist
  • Become an ICES post-doctoral trainee, fellow or visiting scholar
  • Collaborate with an ICES scientist
  • Use Data & Analytic Services
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Become an ICES Student

ICES provides educational opportunities for graduate students to access Ontario administrative and clinical databases to help them meet the thesis, practicum or course requirements of their graduate degree. ICES students conduct their work within an ICES research program and must have an ICES supervisor who is a full status ICES scientist.

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Careers at ICES

Why work at ICES? Look no further than ICES, if you are:

  • Creative and innovative
  • Interested in making an impact on Ontario’s healthcare system and Ontarians
  • Looking to succeed in an organization committed to progress and innovation
  • Ready to forge new relationships with colleagues and external partners
Current Job Opportunities