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Board & Committees

Board of Directors

Since ICES was founded, the Board of Directors has provided leadership and vision to guide the organization’s steady evolution and expansion. Board members also oversee and approve major decisions on financial matters and resource allocation and are accountable to stakeholders for performance.

The Board brings together recognized experts in health, law, business, academe and other sectors to act as a sounding board and provide valued counsel on all aspects of ICES policy and strategy.

The Board’s responsibilities include establishing broad organizational policies and objectives; selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the CEO; ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources; and approving annual budgets in support of the ICES strategic plan.

Scientific Advisory Committee

The role of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is to advise the ICES Board of Directors on the quality, direction, scope, salience and focus of ICES’ work and review its achievements in light of its stated mission. The SAC also provides input to ICES leadership on research priorities and alignment as part of the strategic and business planning process.

The SAC is chaired by a member of the Board of Directors, and its membership is determined by the Board in consultation with the Chair. On an annual basis, the SAC provides the Board with a report on ICES’ scientific work and direction.

The SAC is composed of Canadian and international experts with combined scientific expertise that reflect ICES’ areas of research and strategic priorities.