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ICES North

ICES North serves as a hub for information on Northern Ontario’s unique demographic composition and health research questions that are rooted in rural and remote health.

About ICES North

ICES North launched in June 2018 as a strategic partnership among the Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI), Laurentian University and NOSM University to connect their strategic research priorities in health research.

This site is physically located at the HSNRI Ramsey Lake Health Centre campus in Sudbury but provides research services to all of Northern Ontario. ICES North would like to thank the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, FedNor and the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation for supporting this initiative.

Key Contacts at ICES North

Site Director: David Savage

Local Privacy & Security Officer: Peggy Meigs

Facility Administrator: Peggy Meigs

Local Lead Analyst: Joseph Caswell

Office Address

ICES North c/o HSNRI Northeast Cancer Centre:
Level 3, Room 3202041 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, ON, P3E 5J1

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Scientists at
ICES North

Explore our directory of ICES Scientists who support province-wide research collaboration.

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ICES sites create an opportunity for scientists who wish to pursue research aligning with the ICES mission to access ICES’ administrative data from remote locations.