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Mental Health Dashboard

This dashboard provides an overview of mental health and addiction trends in Ontario including sociodemographic characteristics that may impact mental health service use and access to care.

Ontario Mental Health System Reporting

Since 2013, ICES’ Mental Health and Addictions Program Framework Research Team has been tasked by the Ontario Ministry of Health with monitoring and evaluating the province’s mental health and addictions system through performance measures, or indicators.

The dashboard is updated quarterly using timely data provided by ICES’ data partners. Data have been linked using unique encoded identifiers and analyzed at ICES.

Last updated: April 29, 2024
Next expected update: July 2024

Overview of Monthly Mental Health and Addictions Trends in Ontario, January 2017 – September 2023*

*New updates include data analyzed for MHA-related ED visits, ED visits for intentional self-injury, MHA-related hospitalizations, MHA-related outpatient visits, Individuals seen by a primary care provider, psychiatrist or pediatrician for MHA-related care, MHA-related outpatient visits within 7 days after discharge, MHA-related visits to ED as first point of contact, 30-day MHA-related hospital readmissions and 30-day MHA-related ED re-visits.

Note: Interactive graphs are best viewed in Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Indicator Highlights

ED visits overall by sex
Hospitalizations overall by sex
Outpatient visits by specialty

Technical Notes & Related Links

Rates presented in the dashboard are crude rates unless otherwise specified. Standardized rates are age- and sex- standardized.

Data Interpretation & Limitations

Data & Methodology

Discover the 2021 Scorecard

The Mental Health and Addictions System Performance in Ontario: 2021 Scorecard presents key findings on across-the-lifespan mental health and addictions care and related outcomes in Ontario from 2009 to 2017. It is an update to scorecards produced in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Contact Us

For any questions related to the MHA Dashboard, please contact the MHAP Research Team at [email protected]

The dashboard is supported by ICES, which is funded by an annual grant from the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ministry of Long-Term Care (MLTC). This dashboard used data adapted from the Statistics Canada Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus (Versions 7B [2016] and 8A.1 [2021]), which is based on data licensed from Canada Post Corporation, and/or data adapted from the Ontario Ministry of Health Postal Code Conversion File, which contains data copied under license from ©Canada Post Corporation and Statistics Canada. Parts of this material are based on data and/or information compiled and provided by CIHI and the Ontario Ministry of Health. The analyses, conclusions, opinions and statements expressed herein are solely those of the authors and do not reflect those of the funding or data sources; no endorsement is intended or should be inferred.