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Annual Research Forum

The annual ICES Research Forum will take place on May 2, 2024.

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The annual ICES Research Forum will take place on May 2, 2024. Once again this year, it will be a free/virtual event, open to everyone. The theme for 2024 is Strength of Numbers: Partnering for Impact.

The Research Forum brings together over 800 attendees, including community leaders, researchers, data experts, and decision-makers from various provincial and federal health system organizations and ministries. Together, we will explore how strong partnerships advance data intensive research and analytics and improve the way data is used to inform care, policy and outcomes.

The program for 2024 combines notable speakers, moderated presentations and discussions, and insightful panels, offering many opportunities to learn and connect.

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2023 Annual Forum Recordings

Explore vital conversations about the role of data in advancing health equity for Ontarians.

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What addiction and mental health system: The status quo and a way forward

Individuals with mental illnesses and addictions are among the most marginalized in society, and many have complex needs. Yet the health and social services required to serve these individuals are fragmented or non-existent. The fact that there is no addiction and mental healthcare system in Ontario, given the well-documented need, is, in and of itself, a significant equity issue. In this session we will describe what evidence exists regarding the fragmentation of Ontario’s addiction and mental health system. This will be followed by a description of policies and processes that have led to excellent healthcare delivery in other care sectors in Ontario, such as for cancer, renal care, and cardiac and stroke care, and a discussion of whether there are lessons for mental health and addictions care. Finally, we reflect upon the important role individuals and family members with lived and living experience play in fully realizing a mental health and addictions system that serves the needs of Ontarians.

The importance and value of the integration of health and immigration data

The value of research related to newcomer health in Ontario has been made possible by the partnership between Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and ICES. This partnership and subsequent integration of health and immigration data has led to studies of significant value to government and policy makers.

Researcher access to population-level health data in Ontario and Canada: Three ways to access data

We present practical information about three models for researcher access to population-level health data for research studies, including the linkage of researcher-generated datasets to real-world health data. The three access models are: ICES Data and Analytic Services, Ontario Ministry of Health IntelliHealth service, and Health Data Research Network Canada’s Data Access Support Hub.

The HDRN Canada pragmatic trials training program: Building capacity for multi-jurisdictional research

Pragmatic clinical trials that leverage routinely collected health data can yield valid and generalizable results faster than traditional trials and at a fraction of the cost. However, there is limited capacity to carry out these real-world trials across Canada. In this workshop, we will provide an overview of our newly funded HDRN Canada Pragmatic Trials Training Program and discuss worked examples of pragmatic trials embedded in routine care.

The role of KTE in the application of Indigenous data sovereignty

We review the principles of Indigenous data sovereignty and self-determination and explore knowledge translation and exchange as an application of these principles.

Inclusion of disability in the research life cycle

We discuss the importance of a research life cycle that incorporates people with disability to ensure that your work is truly inclusive and grounded in health equity.

Health equity through data in motion

Building a community that moves us forward together.