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Partnerships & Collaborations

To expand the scope and impact of health services research in Canada, ICES has forged partnerships across a diverse network of adjunct scientists, stakeholder organizations and representatives of provincial and national healthcare organizations.


Collaboration is the key to driving successful research initiatives and ultimately achieving positive change.

Two relationships have been particularly important for ICES: the Ontario Ministry of Health has been a major funder of ICES and has managed that relationship for 30 years without seeking to influence the direction or findings of ICES research; and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre has been a strong supporter of ICES and has provided us with a home for 30 years.

Many ICES scientists serve on research committees, programs and task forces at the local, provincial, national and international levels. Discover ICES partners below.

Indigenous Portfolio

ICES found its Indigenous Portfolio in October 2017, with dedicated staff, to support capacity-building among ICES staff and faculty for meaningful collaboration with Indigenous partners and data. Data governance agreements with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit partners are consistently developed and respected for each project.

ICES is committed to enhancing data utilization in Indigenous communities and organizations through initiatives like the ICES Indigenous Health Data Training Program and collaborations such as secondments. Our current strategic plan reflects our ongoing commitment to this work. Over the years, ICES has fostered strong partnerships with First Nations, Inuit, Métis partners, and urban Indigenous health service providers. These partnerships include data governance and sharing agreements, enabling Indigenous-led analyses using ICES data.