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Public Advisory Council

Discover how data can improve healthcare for all Ontarians.

What is the ICES Public Advisory Council?

The ICES Public Advisory Council was formed in 2018 and is made up of members of the public from across Ontario. The Council represents the public’s voice and guides ICES on what matters most to Ontarians for health data research. Their thoughts, perspectives and values inform ICES research activities and influence how ICES researchers use data to improve Ontario’s healthcare.

As part of the Public Advisory Council, you will:

  • Discuss issues related to data and health data research
  • Share feedback on selected ICES activities and studies
  • Provide perspective on new data opportunities and partnerships
  • Guide what research questions matter most to the public
  • Shape ICES public-facing content and public engagement activities

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Thank you for your interest, applications are now closed.

If you live in Ontario and have an interest in how research and data can improve healthcare and the health of Ontarians, we invite you to apply.

Your application will be reviewed by the ICES Public Engagement team. Applicants will be contacted directly for a brief phone interview to inform selection of the Public Advisory Council.

Know others who might be interested in applying? Download our recruitment flyer to share through your networks. Watch the ICES’ More Than Numbers video series

Time Commitment

The time commitment is 16 hours/year for three years. You will attend:

  • One virtual orientation session and training (two hours)
  • Two in-person* council sessions per year (five hours each, expenses covered)
  • Two virtual council sessions per year (two hours each)

There is also the opportunity to volunteer for some additional virtual workgroups and surveys (time commitment varies). You will be compensated for your time on the panel in the form of gift cards.

*In-person meetings are dependent on the current COVID-19 pandemic and will remain virtual until further notice.

Our Public Engagement Action Plan

As a research institution that uses data from members of the public in its work, ICES must reflect the values of Ontarians in the decisions we make and the work we do. We believe in collaborating with the public to shape the way health and other data is used to improve healthcare for Ontarians.

To achieve this, ICES has created mechanisms to engage the public in issues that matter to them at all levels of the organization. We are committed to listening to the public’s expression of their needs and priorities and aim to incorporate those perspectives in our work. Through public engagement, we focus our efforts in four key areas:

  • Convening a Public Advisory Council
  • Creating resources for ICES scientists and staff to assist them with public engagement
  • Designing communications materials for a public audience
  • Developing engagement mechanisms to enhance our understanding of, and alignment with, public values.

We will strive to create engagement strategies that capture the diversity of people living in Ontario.

We will co-design engagement mechanisms and build relationships between the public and the ICES team.

We will value the opinions of the public and reflect these opinions wherever possible.

We will communicate information, including risks, in a truthful and accessible manner to support the public in making informed decisions.

We will report back on how feedback from the public is applied and explain when it is not.

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Become a Public Advisor

Interested in how data can improve healthcare for all Ontarians? Want to share your thoughts and ideas? Public advisors work with ICES researchers and staff to discuss issues and opportunities around health data research. If you live in Ontario and have an interest in how research and data can improve healthcare and the health of Ontarians, we invite you to sign up to our mailing list to hear about opportunities to become a public advisor. We invite you to send us an email to be added to our mailing list.

Public Engagement for Researchers

ICES provides support to ICES scientists who are interested in engaging the public in their research. ICES scientists, trainees and staff can access resources, tools, and seek guidance from the public engagement team to guide them as they involve public and patient partners in their projects. Contact Laura Ferreira-Legere, Senior Manager, Public Engagement & Knowledge Translation, to learn more.

As an ICES researcher you can:

  • Use the tools and resources on the public engagement resource page on the intranet (including grants, budgeting and recruitment materials).
  • Book a consultation with the Manager of Public Engagement to discuss your project and how you can involve members of the public in your research.
  • Share your research project with members of the Public Advisory Council to obtain their perspectives.
  • Recruit public or patient partners through the public engagement mailing list to be involved in your research project as advisors.

About the Application

At ICES, we strive to represent all voices and capture Ontario’s diversity in our public engagement activities. We ask for some personal information to understand your unique experiences and perspective in the application form. This information will only be used to contact you about the public engagement activities at ICES and for no other purpose.

Your privacy is important to us. Your personal information will be collected and used by ICES solely for public engagement recruitment. Your personal information will not be used or disclosed to others for any other purpose. Only individuals involved in public engagement recruitment at ICES will be permitted to access your personal information. Your personal information will be retained securely at all times to protect your privacy.

If you have any questions about the Public Advisory Council, email us.