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ICES adjunct scientist Mike Conlon appointed ICES North site director


Please join us in congratulating ICES adjunct scientist Dr. Mike Conlon, who has been appointed as site director of ICES North. ICES North is in development in Sudbury at Health Sciences North Research Institute and will be launched in late 2017 in partnership with Laurentian University and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. ICES satellite sites increase the range of scientific expertise available, and expand our capacity to conduct research that contributes to the improvement of healthcare and health services in Ontario.

Mike's research at ICES focuses on cancer care issues in Northern Ontario, including access to specialist care, the impact of improving access on patient treatment choice and cancer outcomes, and assessing palliative care delivery. He is a scientist at Health Sciences North Research Institute, and the director of Epidemiology, Outcomes & Evaluation Research at the Northeast Cancer Centre, Health Sciences North. Congratulations, Mike!

Michael Conlon

Mike Conlon


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