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Kidney, Dialysis & Transplantation Research Program

Program Lead: Amit Garg
Program Coordinator:

Established in 2013, the ICES Kidney, Dialysis and Transplantation (KDT) Research Program supports investigators and partners in their strategic use of linked health and health-related databases to conduct research that improves patient health across the spectrum of kidney disease and solid organ transplantation.

KDT researchers and scientists realize great value in a coordinated approach to research best practices, project management, training, adopting new methods, acquiring new data sets, knowledge translation, communications and financial sustainability. KDT staff are located in London, Ontario; they include a manager, program coordinator, five analysts/biostatisticians, five epidemiologists, a communications specialist and a patient partnerships specialist.

The KDT research program fosters partnerships between scientists, health care providers, patients and health care organizations (including the Ontario Renal Network and Trillium Gift of Life Network). For more information on collaborating with an ICES scientist, becoming an ICES scientist, using ICES data, or becoming a trainee, fellow or visiting scholar, see Information for Researchers. To learn more about becoming an ICES student, see Information for Students.

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