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Completed Private
Sector Projects

The following private sector projects have been completed.

Client: Shoppers Drug Mart

Research Question/Objectives: An average 50% of patients with chronic disease discontinue their medication within the first year. Non-adherence accounts for 5% of hospitalizations and $7-9B in health care costs. This study aims to understand what factors contribute to adherent/non-adherent behaviour, to inform future work examining whether targeted incentives can lead to improved adherence and preventative health management in Ontario for 2016. Over the longer term, there is interest to see whether these incentives translate to improved health outcomes (i.e. lower health care utilization or hospitalizations). The practice of offering incentives is not currently permitted in Ontario. Specifically, the research questions of interest are:

  • Identify the variables associated with medication adherence among the study population. Results will identify risk factors of non-adherence, and will inform inclusion and exclusion criteria for Phase 2
  • Explore the relationship between medication adherence, health outcomes and health care utilization among the study population.

Availability of Results: to be determined