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CAN-MOTIVATE Study: CANadian Male LUTS and OveracTIVe BlAdder TrEatment

Client: Astellas/University of Toronto

Project ID: P2020-081 / 2022 0970 258 000

Research Question/Objectives: What was the treatment pattern in men ≥ 66 years of age treated for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) who received a prescription for overactive bladder (OAB)-specific medication or benign prostatic enlargement (BPE)-specific medication between 2009-2018, in Canada?

The specific objectives separately for OAB group and BPE group include:

  • Describe initial and subsequent management of LUTS.
  • Identify factors associated with change from initial therapy.
  • Characterize patient demographics and comorbidities.
  • Characterize healthcare utilization and healthcare-related costs and compare to a propensity score-matched cohort.
  • For OAB group, compare time to change in therapy for men who began OAB medication prior to May 28, 2015 (public insurance plan listing date for mirabegron), with those who began OAB medication on/after May 28, 2015, overall and by medication subgroups (β3-agonist vs. antimuscarinic).


  • April 2023