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Regional Measures of Diabetes Burden in Ontario


This report represents an important first step toward examining patterns of diabetes prevalence, health outcomes and service availability across the province. It allows for a visual comparison of population characteristics, measures of diabetes burden and access to diabetes services at a variety of levels: across regions (Local Health Integration Networks), subregions (sub-LHINs) and communities (census subdivisions).



Booth GL, Polsky JY, Gozdyra G, Cauch-Dudek K, Kiran T, Shah BR, Lipscombe LL, Glazier RH. April 2012.

Preliminary material

Key findings

Results - Ontario

Results - LHINS 1-3

Results - LHINS 4-6

Results - LHINS 7-9

Results - LHINS 10-12

Results - LHINS 13-14

Conclusions, References, Appendices