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ICES launches new framework to promote health equity and community engagement in research 


For the past three decades, the ICES community has generated high-quality research that has improved health outcomes for individuals in Ontario, Canada, and internationally. While ICES holds multiple linked databases of health and demographics information, many important social determinants of health are not collected in existing data, which are key to understanding what makes people healthy.  

To engage in more equitable research, ICES consulted with the public, health equity experts, and ICES staff, scientists, and stakeholders to launch The Guidance Document and Framework for Anti-Racist Approaches to Research and Analytics. 

Race and ethnicity data provide valuable insights into the complex interplay of social, biological, and environmental factors that contribute to health disparities among different populations.  Collecting and analyzing this data can allow the health system to better meet individuals’ healthcare needs, to counteract systemic biases, and ultimately paves the way for tailored and inclusive healthcare strategies that improve outcomes for all individuals, regardless of their background. 

This is the first important step toward ICES’ commitment to equitable health research that engages communities, confronts systemic injustices, and ultimately fosters tangible improvements in health outcomes for all. 

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Guidance Document and Framework for Anti-Racist Approaches to Research and Analytics