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ICES UofT is an expansion site of ICES located on the campus of the University of Toronto (U of T). The construction of the ICES UofT site and its operating budget are funded by nine partner organizations. The nine partners include academic departments of U of T, hospital-based research units and government agencies that employ researchers who are U of T faculty. Under the terms of signed agreements, these partner organizations, through their U of T faculty, have been given access to ICES data at the ICES UofT site in order to carry out research projects in accordance with ICES’ mandate, and policies, and research priorities.

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Estimating population-based incidence of community-acquired pneumonia and acute otitis media in children and adults in Ontario and British Columbia using health administrative data, 2005-2018: a Canadian Immunisation Research Network (CIRN) study

Nasreen S, Wang J, Sadarangani M, Kwong JC, Quach C, Crowcroft NS, Wilson SE, McGeer A, Morris SK, Kellner JD, Sander B, Kus JV, Hoang L, Marra F, Fadel SA. BMJ Open Respir Res. 2022; 9(1):e001218. Epub 2022 Jun 28. DOI:

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Each of our nine partner organizations employs an Appointed Analyst who works on projects for their home institution using ICES data holdings. ICES UofT was built on the premises of the University of Toronto to provide a new resource for training graduate students for careers in health services and policy research.

These nine partner organizations are:

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