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Real-world outcomes of mepolizumab for the treatment of severe eosinophilic asthma

Client: IQVIA Solutions Canada Inc.

Project ID: P2018-040 / 2020 0970 173 000

Research Question/Objectives: In December 2015, mepolizumab, was approved in Canada as add-on maintenance for the treatment of adult patients with uncontrolled eosinophilic severe asthma. Despite compelling clinical trial evidence, many stakeholders still seek to better understand if the value seen in randomized studies is realized in actual clinical practice. Now, with over two years of real-world data available, this study would like to investigate the real-world impact of mepolizumab on asthma related clinical outcomes, healthcare resource use and costs among severe asthma patients, outside of the randomized clinical trial setting. The objective of the current research project primarily is to estimate the demographic and cliccal characteristics of real-world mepolizumab patients. The project team is also interested in comparison of asthma related real-world outcomes of post-mepolizumab initiation versus pre-mepolizumab initiation.

Research Objectives

Primary Objectives:

  • Describe the demographic and clinical characteristics of real-world mepolizumab patients to understand the population with mepolizumab utilization.
  • Compare asthma-related real-world outcomes (listed below) for mepolizumab patients (post-mepolizumab initiation) versus pre-mepolizumab initiation among the same patients to determine the effectiveness of mepolizumab in actual clinical practice.
  • Compare costs associated with asthma-related real-world outcomes for mepolizumab patients (post-mepolizumab initiation) versus pre-mepolizumab initiation among same patients to evaluate the differences from the public payer’s perspective.

Secondary Objective:

  • Investigate the real-world asthma-related outcomes and associated costs (as listed above under primary objectives) for highly adherent (≥ 9 injections) mepolizumab patients (i.e. sub cohort) post versus premepolizumab initiation to understand the impact of mepolizumab among patients who are highly adherent.


  • October 2023