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Diagnosis of a Complex Perianal Fistula: A Validation Study

Client: IQVIA Solutions Canada Inc.

Project ID: P2018-041 / 2020 0970 171 000

Research Question/Objectives: Complex perianal fistulas (CPAF) are a complication for people living with Crohn’s disease. Historically, perianal fistulizing Crohn’s disease has been difficult to treat with currently available therapies and often leads to pain, swelling, infection and incontinence. In general, existing therapies are limited and associated with complications and a high failure rate. The ability to identify patients with a CPAF in administrative databases has never been established. The objective of the current research project is to validate the procedure codes.

Research objective:

  • To validate the use of procedure codes to identify patients with CPAFs in administrative databases.


  • August 2021