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Assessing real world glaucoma patients using patient level data: patient characteristics and treatment patterns in Canada

Client: IQVIA Solutions Canada Inc.

Project ID: P2020-083 / 2022 0970 264 000

Research Question/Objectives: Glaucoma is a family of diseases characterized by the loss of retinal ganglion cells and their nerve fibers leading to progressive, irreversible loss of visual function. It is the second leading cause of severe visual impairment and blindness worldwide Primary open-angle glaucoma is the most common form of glaucoma and was estimated to affect 44.11 million people aged 40-80 years worldwide in 2013. The study aims to describe real-world patient characteristics, treatment patterns, and outcomes in patients newly diagnosed with OAG in Canada, overall and by patient subgroups.

The specific aims are to:

  • Describe baseline patient demographic and clinical characteristics, including comorbidities (ocular and non-ocular).
  • Evaluate treatment patterns of topical glaucoma medications and rate of glaucoma-related surgeries/procedures.
  • Estimate direct healthcare resource utilization (HCRU).


  • November 2023