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Outcomes following admission and discharge from continuing care at Bruyere

Project ID:2018-044/2020 0950 069 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Bruyere Continuing Care
ICES Scientists: Michael Campitelli, Susan Bronskill, Claire Kendall and Peter Tanuseputro
Summary: Due to the increasingly complex levels of care and decreasing lengths of stay of the patient population at Bruyere Continuing Care, the knowledge user is looking to improve care delivery and promote better use of system resources. Using the research evidence gathered, the knowledge user will determine the factors that result in increased use of acute care and implement appropriate quality improvement initiatives or collaborations with other organizations to mitigate this. Specifically, the knowledge user hopes to conduct a trial of enhancing occupational therapy home visits prior to discharge and target additional resources that could alleviate the burden on acute care services.
Status: Completed