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Osteoporosis care and post-fracture management metrics

Project ID: 2021-005/ 2022 0900 819 002
Type of Response: Research report
Knowledge User: Osteoporosis Canada
ICES Scientists: Susan JaglalLesley Plumptre
Summary: Launched in 2005 by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy (OOS) is a population-based initiative to improve quality of care for osteoporosis by aiming to reduce the burden of morbidity, mortality, and costs from osteoporotic fractures. To evaluate the performance of this initiative, the research team intends to update the indicators related to fracture rates, bone mineral density (BMD) testing and osteoporosis treatment in Ontario and provide comparable indicators for the Fracture Screening and Prevention Program (FSPPP) with recent data. The results will inform decisions for future directions and improvements for this strategy.
Status: Completed