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Middlesex London Health Unit methamphetamine urine drug test

Project ID: 2021-010/ 2022 0950 121 000
Type of Response: Rapid response
Knowledge User: Middlesex-London Health Unit
ICES Scientist: Refik Saskin
Summary: Crystal methamphetamine is a synthetic stimulant that is highly addictive and causes significant physical and psychological harm to its users. In the Middlesex-London region, the use of this substance appears to be on the rise with the rates of hospitalization and emergency department visits higher than the Ontario in the same period. The knowledge users are developing and implementing a local surveillance system to quantify the impact of crystal methamphetamine use in the community. They are interested in knowing the frequency and proportion of patients testing positive for methamphetamine from drug urine samples collected in the hospitals of Middlesex-London region.
Status: Completed