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Healthcare utilization of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities across developmental services regions

Project ID: 2021-031 / 2023 0950 137 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Ongwanada Resource Centre
ICES Scientist: Helene Ouellette-Kuntz
Summary: A report will be prepared for Ongwanada describing the healthcare utilization of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) across Ontario (2017 to 2021( with emphasis on understanding those who present with medical needs that extend beyond the capacity of an unregulated healthcare provider to manage in a Developmental Services' group home. Ongwanada is in a position to redesign a facility which has previously been used for day programs for adults with IDD. Having observed that some of clients have had to rely inappropriately on the acute care or long-term care systems due to their medical needs extending beyond the capacity of unregulated healthcare providers to manage in group homes, consideration is being given to converting the facility into a “graduated care facility” for such individuals.  The thinking being that with the appropriate staff in place dependence on acute care and long-term care to address medical needs of this population, particularly as they age, could be prevented, or at least reduced.  With the appropriate staffing and infrastructure in place such a facility could provide care and supports to people with IDD as they age up to palliation and death. This fits with the wishes of all to be cared for “at home” and ultimately to die “at home.” In order to determine the extent to which such a facility is needed, robust data on the current healthcare utilization of individuals who could benefit from such a facility are required.
Status: In progress