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Evaluation of a virtual ED at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Project ID: 2020-044/ 2021 0950 110 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
ICES Scientists: Michael Schull, Lesley Plumptre, Michael Paterson
Summary: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center is launching the first Virtual ED in the GTA upon observing an increased demand for virtual care visits in the outpatient settings due to Covid-19. The project team will iterate workflows based on continuous feedback form patients and care providers using an implementation science approach to ensure long-term sustainability. Given that this innovation is one of a kind, the study team is interested in studying patient outcomes after virtual ED visit, compared to an in-person visit. This research will improve patients’ access to urgent care for lower acuity concerns and will provide evidence on its safety and efficiency as a new model of care.
Status: Completed