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Waiting Lists for Radiation Therapy in Ontario


In recent years, waiting times for radiation therapy in Ontario have increased markedly causing growing concern for cancer patients, healthcare providers and government. Monitoring and reducing wait times is an important goal, yet, adequate data has not been available to determine if efforts to expand treatment capacity and shorten waiting times are working (e.g. out of region/province treatment and extended hours of care).

Commissioned by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, this report examines existing data to: determine the extent of the problem; make evidence-based recommendations on target timelines for delivery of radiation therapy; and establish requirements to implement a waiting times reporting system.



Bondy S, Slaughter P, Przybysz R, Benk V, Hodgson D, Iscoe N, Paszat L, Laupacis A, Glazer D, Li C, Tucker W. December 2002

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