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Public payments to physicians in Ontario adjusted for overhead costs


We used data collected in the 2010 National Physician Survey and public payment data published in the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences report Payments to Ontario Physicians from Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Sources 1992/93 to 2009/10 to estimate 2009/2010 net physician income from public payments for Ontario physicians by specialty. Incorporating overhead substantially affects estimates of physician income and changes relative position. For example, ophthalmologists were ranked second when only public payments were considered but eighth when overhead was included. Conversely, hospital-based specialties such as anaesthesia, radiation oncology and emergency medicine rank significantly higher after overhead is included.



Petch J, Dhalla IA, Henry DA, Schultz SE, Glazier RH, Bhatia S, Laupacis A. Healthc Policy. 2012; 8(2):30-6.

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