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Diabetes prevalence and care in the Métis population of Ontario, Canada


Objective — The Métis are a distinct Aboriginal people in Canada with a unique history, culture, and language. This study examined diabetes prevalence and care in the Métis of Ontario.

Research Design and Methods — The 14,480 people in the citizenship registry of the Métis Nation of Ontario were linked with provincial healthcare databases to determine diabetes prevalence and processes of care. Rates were compared between the Métis and the general Ontario population.

Results — The age/sex standardized prevalence of diabetes for the Métis was 11.2%, nearly 25% higher than that of the general Ontario population. Métis were more likely to be hospitalized (12.7 vs. 10.7%) or require emergency room visits (36.1 vs. 27.7%).

Conclusions — Métis people have an increased burden of diabetes that puts them at risk for complications and morbidity. Ensuring adequate access to and quality of care for diabetes is essential to maintain the health of the Métis people.



Shah BR, Cauch-Dudek K, Pigeau L. Diabetes Care. 2011; 34(12):2555-6. Epub 2011 Oct 12.

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