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ICES scientist emeritus Dr. David Naylor awarded 2018 Henry G. Friesen International Prize in Health Research


ICES scientist emeritus and founding CEO Dr. David Naylor has been awarded the 2018 Henry G. Friesen International Prize in Health Research, an award that recognizes exceptional innovation by a visionary health leader of international stature. The award was established in 2005 by the Friends of Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

“David’s remarkable capacity to analyze and unravel the complexities of the Canadian healthcare system, together with the ability to communicate it eloquently and lucidly, is unique and explains his reputation as a thought leader,” says Dr. Aubie Angel, President, Friends of CIHR.

Dr. Naylor developed the proposal to establish ICES in 1991 and served as the Institute's chief executive officer from its inception in 1992 until 1998. He was inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in 2016, and he has received provincial, national and international awards for his research.

David Naylor

David Naylor


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