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About ICES Research

ICES combines world-class research teams with health data to create objective, powerful insight on a variety of health service research topics relevant to Ontarians. By linking data from many sources, ICES researchers can obtain a comprehensive view of health and health care delivery. Research opportunities span a wide range of topics and disciplines, including: drug safety and effectiveness, health system performance, mental health and addictions, population health, primary care, surgery and transplantation as well as chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, kidney, respiratory or musculoskeletal issues, diabetes and cancer.

Our People

ICES has over 200 scientists, many of whom have achieved international recognition in their respective areas of focus. Many ICES scientists are practicing clinicians who understand the everyday challenges of health care delivery. Others are methodologists and statisticians whose expertise in analytical methods helps drive leading-edge investigations with global impact.

ICES’ strength is the blend of ideas, insights and expertise from its people – scientists and staff from varied disciplines, backgrounds and research interests.

Our research

ICES research is highly regarded in Canada and abroad. It is widely used by governments, hospitals, planners and practitioners to make decisions about care delivery and to develop policy. The unbiased, evidence-based knowledge and recommendations are profiled in atlases, investigative reports and peer-reviewed journals. They are used to guide decision-making and inform changes in health care delivery.

ICES' wide-ranging research is organized into seven major programs. These programs support province-wide research colloboration and networking, as well as stragegy development and resource planning.


ICES brings together the best and brightest scientific talent. Many of our scientists are internationally recogzined in their fields and receive national and international awards and recognition for their important work.

Conflicts of Interest

ICES is a publicly funded, not-for-profit research institute that produces trusted research evidence that makes policy better, health care stronger, and people healthier. ICES must ensure it maintains public trust and live up to ICES’ values, which include Excellence and Integrity. To do so, we maintain a robust policy framework to avoid and/or effectively manage actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interests (COIs).

Read our full COI Policy and FAQ.
View the annual list of COI declarations (PDF).

For more information or to obtain a copy of a management plan, contact the COI coordinator.

Research Rounds

Research rounds are held at ICES every Tuesday at noon. Faculty members, trainees and visiting speakers present the results of recently completed or ongoing studies in health services research or clinical epidemiology. Presentations are always followed by a lively discussion period. Presentations are video recorded and posted on this website on a weekly basis.


Information for Researchers

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