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Conflict of Interest at ICES

ICES maintains a robust policy framework to effectively manage actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest. This procedural overview outlines the step-by-step approach employed to identify, assess, and manage potential conflicts among staff, students, trainees, scientists, and third party service providers (i.e., ICES agents).

Application Disclosure

At the time of ICES application, individuals are required to submit a thorough and accurate Conflict of Interest (COI) declaration that encompasses any existing conflicts for the current and preceding three fiscal years (i.e., an application submitted in January 2024 would be accompanied by a COI declaration form covering the period between March 31, 2020 – March 31, 2024). Clear guidelines on prohibited and allowable activities can be found in the ICES COI Policy.

The COI Committee, chaired by the CEO, rigorously reviews these declarations. Their primary objective is to assess whether the disclosed interests pose any perceived, potential, or actual conflict(s) with the individual’s obligations to ICES.

Additional Documentation Request

As part of the COI Committee’s review, the COI administrator may request supplementary documentation, such as contracts or remuneration details related to the declared activities. This step ensures a comprehensive evaluation of potential conflicts.


  • If the declared activity is deemed to be permitted under ICES policy or unrelated to ICES role, the application can advance without further consideration.
  • If a management plan is deemed appropriate, the CEO will communicate in writing the decision and action required regarding the affected activities.
  • If the COI is not cleared, the applicant is promptly notified of the denial of their application.

ICES COI Management Plans

As part of ICES’ commitment to public trust, transparency and good governance, ICES provides a list of ICES scientists with active COI Management Plans.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the COI administrator.

  1. Simron Singh – Affiliate Scientist