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Interested in how data can improve health care for all Ontarians?

What is the ICES Public Advisory Council?

The ICES Public Advisory Council is made up of members of the public from across Ontario. Representing the voice of the public, the Public Advisory Council provides guidance to ICES on what matters most to Ontarians for health data research. Their thoughts, perspectives and values shape ICES research and influence the way data is used by our researchers to improve health care.

The role of the Public Advisory Council is to:

  • Discuss issues that exist around data and health data research
  • Share feedback on selected ICES activities and studies
  • Provide perspective on new data opportunities and partnerships
  • Guide what research questions matter most to the public
  • Shape ICES public-facing content and public engagement activities.

How to apply

Applications for the ICES Public Advisory Council are currently closed.

To hear about future opportunities on how to get involved join the ICES public engagement mailing list.

Public advisors work with ICES researchers and staff to discuss issues and opportunities around health data research. If you live in Ontario and have an interest in how research and data can improve health care and the health of Ontarians, we invite you to sign up to our mailing list to hear about opportunities to become a public advisor.

Join the Public Advisory Council

What's the time commitment?

Members of the ICES Public Advisory Council attend:

  • 1 virtual orientation session and training (2 hours)
  • 2 in-person council sessions per year (5 hours each)*
  • 2 teleconference sessions per year (2 hours each)

= Approximately 16 hours per year (for a 2-year commitment)

*Expenses covered for in-person meetings

Applications are open on an as-needed basis. Once submitted, applications are reviewed by the ICES Public Engagement team and members are selected to ensure the Public Advisory Council has diverse perspectives.

About the application

At ICES, we strive to represent all voices and capture the diversity of Ontario in our public engagement activities. In the application, form we ask for some personal information to better understand your unique experiences and perspective. This information will only be used to contact you about the public engagement activities at ICES and for no other purpose.

Your privacy is important to us. Your personal information will be collected and used by ICES solely for the purpose of public engagement recruitment. Your personal information will not be used or disclosed to others for any other purpose. Only individuals who are involved in public engagement recruitment at ICES will be permitted to access your personal information. Your personal information will be retained in a secure manner at all times to protect your privacy.

If you have any questions about the public engagement mailing list, or the  Public Advisory Council, please email

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