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Modernizing Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act: Recommendations for a Data-Driven Health System


This report is an opportunity to continue our engagement with all levels of provincial stakeholders in a conversation focused on modernizing the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA). The report also shares ICES’ recommendations with you, our partners, and our communities, as we continue to exchange knowledge and innovative solutions in the data privacy sector.

It provides an overview of ICES’ five recommendations to the Ministry of Health. Each recommendation is accompanied by a high-level:

  • description of the challenges within PHIPA identified by ICES;
  • outline of how our recommendation addresses the challenge; and
  • real-world case study demonstrating both the challenges and our proposed solutions.

Watch the webinar recording for a dynamic discussion on these recommendations.



Cartagena R, Lewandoski A, Paterson M, Schull M, Smeed T, Smith M, Vermeulen M. April 2023.

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