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The Association of Perioperative Hemoglobin with Adverse Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Project ID: 2021-911/ TRIM 2024 0970 359 000

Principle Investigator: Keyvan Karkouti & Justyna Bartoszko

Description: Although a plethora of literature has looked at the prognostic value of low preoperative hemoglobin, few studies have focused on postoperative hemoglobin in this manner. The majority of patients undergoing an intensive procedure like cardiac surgery become anemic following surgery; however, the relationship between low postoperative hemoglobin and clinical outcomes is not well studied. Patients with low hemoglobin preoperatively may be at an even greater risk of being harmed due to reduced physiological resilience. Thus, this study aims to examine the association between postoperative hemoglobin and postoperative outcomes in patients who have undergone cardiac surgery and to determine whether this association is influenced by preoperative hemoglobin.

PIA approved: September 21, 2022