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Relative outcomes from COVID-19 infection in new immigrants to Ontario

Project ID: 2021-919/ TRIM 2023 0970 323 000
Principle Investigator: Peter Burns and Raji Jayaraman
Description: The project team aims to study COVID-related outcomes for individuals in the ICES database. For the subsample of immigrants for whom IRCC records are available, the project team will conduct a descriptive analysis of outcomes across major ethnic groups, disaggregated by gender and age (groups). These groups will be compared according to these descriptive to a “native born” population of Ontarians. The aim is to account for socio-economic characteristics that may account for variation in COVID-19 outcomes across ethnicities and genders, including the availability of hospital services and neighbourhood characteristics (from census data profiles) for the full sample; and additional individual-level demographic information including education, skills, and family status for the IRCC subsample.
PIA Approved: February 7, 2023