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Fertility, Delivery Methods and Maternal Outcomes in Ulcerative Colitis

Project ID: 2021-895 / TRIM 2023 0970 303 000

Principle Investigator: Mantaj Brar

Description: As most female patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) are in their childbearing age, and given the potential impact of UC and its surgical treatment on family planning, the investigators, hypothesize that reduced reproductive knowledge is a significant contributing factor to childlessness and possibly an unmet patient need among those with UC. An increased rate of C-section is observed among those with an ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA), which is based on minimal evidence. Therefore, in addition to assessing the prevalence of C-sections in UC patients, the team will identify which patient- and health system related factors are associated to an increased likelihood for C-section. The investigators hypothesize that UC patients have a higher C-section rate compared to the general population, and that those with a IPAA having higher rates than other UC patients. Lastly, the investigators hypothesize that C-section may improve pouch survival by protecting the anal sphincter but may be associated with other maternal morbidity compared to a vaginal delivery.

PIA Approved: February 2, 2022