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The patterns and characteristics of integrated care for patients with COPD in the South East LHIN

Project ID: 2018-042/2020 0950 052 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Quinte Healthcare
ICES Scientist: Joan Tranmer
Summary: This research project seeks to describe characteristics and patterns of primary and specialist networks of care for adult patients with COPD in the South East LHIN by using indicators such as scope of services, access to care, hospital admissions/readmissions and emergency visits in a five-year period. The purpose of this request is to create supports for a patient-centric network of care in which providers and services collaborate to provide care to patients with COPD. This research is intended to lead to the integration of care for patients with COPD in the Quinte sub-region and to ascertain whether certain areas have a higher prevalence of individuals with COPD. 
Status: Completed