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Prescription opioid use after major joint replacement surgery in the elderly in Ontario

Project ID: 2017-037/2018 0950 021 000 
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: KFL&A Public Health Unit
ICES Scientist: Ana Johnson, Erin Graves
Summary: Opioids are widely prescribed following surgery, and evidence suggests that (1) these drugs are prescribed in higher doses and duration than may be necessary; (2) there is suboptimal use of non-opioid analgesic drugs and techniques; and (3) the elderly are particularly susceptible to adverse effects of opioid medications (including cognitive deficits and falls). Data are requested on the rate of opioid use in the elderly following major joint replacement surgery, the ongoing use of opioids and rates of opioid-related hospitalizations, and opioid-related healthcare use and costs. The information will be used to further inform policy and mandatory educational strategies for physicians and surgeons.
Status: Completed