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Management of type 1 diabetes in school-aged children within schools

Project ID: 2020-009/2021 0950 104 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Canadian Pediatric Society
ICES Scientist: Lesley Plumptre
Summary: A qualitative study by the Canadian Pediatric Society seeks to identify the number of individuals aged 0-18 with diabetes using sub-LHIN geographic indicators for quality improvement purposes. Using the Ontario Diabetes Dataset to identify children with type 1 diabetes, the Knowledge User will examine how provincial policy on the care of these children has been implemented across schools in Ontario. The data will be used to create a provincial map identifying pockets where there are high numbers of children with type 1 diabetes. As well, the research evidence will be used to address barriers in schools by way of advocacy, adapting current resources, and developing new guidelines and tools to better serve the target population.
Status: Completed