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Health services cost breakdown for the Village FHT

Project ID: 2020-045/ 2021 0950 109 000
Type of Response: Research project
Knowledge User: Village Family Health Team
ICES Scientists: Michael Campitelli, Lesley Plumptre
Summary: The Village FHT is a team of inter-professionals providing primary care to patients in Toronto. The knowledge users are interested in understanding the drivers of cost for their care groups. The cost breakdowns are specifically requested for Fee for Service (FFS) visits, FHO/FHN capitation costs, and Non-FFS GP/FP visits in the Primary Care Cost category, and Inpatient (CIHI-DAD), Same Day Surgery (SDS), and Inpatient Mental Health in the Inpatient and same day surgery costs category. This information will assist them in exploring options to reduce cost where possible, without compromising the patient care.
Status: Completed