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ED visits and hospitalizations due to infant Injuries, violence, and child welfare

Project ID: 2020-052/ 2021 0950 112 000
Type of Response: Rapid response
Knowledge User: Ministry of Community and Social Services
ICES Scientists: Natasha Saunders, Michael Paterson
Summary: As Covid-19 continues to challenge every part of life including family dynamics, there are early reports suggesting an increase in injuries among young infants in Ontario after the onset of the pandemic. The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services is interested in looking at the trends of assault/maltreatment-related emergency department visits and hospitalizations among children, youth and adults, and examine the rates across area-level measures of material deprivation, ethnic concentration, and dwelling density. This research will inform the current situation of violent injuries in the community and may necessitate the need for proactive outreach to at risk groups during lockdowns to support families and prevent violence.
Status: Completed