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CAMH-UHN ED patients with mental illness or substance use

Project ID: 2023-027/ 2024 0950 162 000
Project title: CAMH-UHN ED patients with mental illness or substance use
Type of response: Research report or technical brief
Knowledge User: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and University Health Network (UHN)
ICES Scientist: Luke Mondor
Summary: To understand the profile of patients arriving at UHN ED with a diagnosis of mental health or substance use, and the overlap of patients utilizing CAMH’s ED or inpatient services. The review of research evidence will play a pivotal role in guiding the senior management teams at CAMH and UHN. This critical evaluation will inform the development of a strategic partnerships in the delivery of care between the two organizations, focusing on establishing best practices for care delivery. Specifically, it will address the needs of patients who require comprehensive services encompassing both mental health and addiction treatment, as well as general medical care. The insights gained from this review will be instrumental in shaping an integrated and patient-centered approach to healthcare delivery.
Status: In progress