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Ontario and LHIN 2013/14 Stroke Report Cards and Progress Reports: Driving knowledge exchange and implementing stroke best practices


The Ontario Stroke Report Cards were developed in 2009 to provide a concise mechanism for communicating stroke care performance in the province. Report cards are produced annually for Ontario and each of the 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs). Each year, the SEQC Knowledge Translation and Accountability Subcommittee reviews the indicators to assess data availability, system impact, and the knowledge translation strategy.

In this year’s report, for the first time, a progress report is also included for each LHIN. In contrast to the stroke report card where LHIN performance is compared to provincial high performers, the progress report evaluates each LHIN's progress in achieving best practice by comparing its current performance to the previous three-year performance.



Ontario Stroke Network Stroke Evaluation and Quality Committee – Knowledge Translation and Accountability Subcommittee. June 2015.

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