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Impact of non-adherence to endocrine therapy on recurrence risk in older women with stage I breast cancer after breast-conserving surgery


Purpose — We examined the impact of non-adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy (ET) on the risk and site of recurrence among older women with early stage, hormone receptor positive (HR+) breast cancer (EBC).

Methods — A population-based cohort of women age ≥ 65 years with T1N0 HR + EBC who were diagnosed between 2010 and 2016 and treated with breast-conserving surgery (BCS) + ET was identified. Treatment and outcomes were ascertained through linkage with administrative databases. ET non-adherence was examined as a time-dependent covariate in multivariable cause-specific Cox regression models to evaluate its effect on the risks of ipsilateral local recurrence (LR), contralateral breast cancer, and distant metastases.

Results — The population cohort includes 2637 women; 73% (N = 1934) received radiation (RT) + ET and 27% (N = 703) received ET alone. At a median follow-up of 8.14 years, the first event was LR in 3.6% of women treated with ET alone and 1.4% for those treated with RT + ET (p < 0.001); the risk of distant metastases was < 1% in both groups. The proportion of time adherent to ET was 69.0% among those treated with RT + ET and 62.8% for those treated with ET alone. On multivariable analysis, increasing proportion of time non-adherent to ET was associated with increased risk of LR ((HR = 1.52 per 20% increase in time; 95%CI 1.25, 1.85; p < 0.001), contralateral BC (HR = 1.55; 95%CI 1.30, 1.84; p < 0.001), and distant metastases (HR = 1.44; 95%CI 1.08, 1.94; p = 0.01) but absolute risks were low.

Conclusion — Non-adherence to adjuvant ET was associated with an increased risk of recurrence, but absolute recurrence rates were low.



Rodin D, Sutradhar R, Jerzak KJ, Hahn E, Nguyen L, Castelo M, Fatiregun O, Fong C, Mata DGMM, Trebinjac S, Paszat L, Rakovitch E. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2023; 201(1):77-87. Epub 2023 Jun 16.

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