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Filling knowledge gaps for the success of Ontario Renal Plan 3

Granting Agency
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Principal Investigators
Beaucage MB, Blake PG, Chanchlani R, Clark EG, Clemens KK, Dixon SN, Harel Z, Jain AK, Molnar A, Silver S, Sood MM, Weir MA, Zappitelli M
Al-Jaishi A, Bathini L, Bhasin AA, Cowan A, Field B, Bonnie, Garg A, Harvey-Rioux L, Jaakkimainen RL, Kim SJ, Kitchlu A, Knoll G, Kurdyak PA, Muanda F, Nash DM, Naylor K, Nesrallah G, Oliver MJ, Ordon M, Paterson M, Perl J, Roshanov P, Sontrop JM, Sultan H, Vorster AH, Wald R, Walsh MW, Wang C, Welk BK, Yau K, Young A
Grant Type
Project Grant
Grant Amount