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Long COVID research network receives $20 million grant


Congratulations to ICES adjunct scientist Dr. Kieran Quinn, principal investigator on a recently awarded $20 million Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) grant for a pan-Canadian Post COVID-19 Condition Research Network called "Long COVID Web." The network aims to support and conduct research into the Post-COVID Condition (PCC), or long COVID.

This announcement comes as the National Task Force on PCC and the Office of the Chief Science Advisor release their report today, which provides recommendations to address long COVID based on the scientific literature, experiences of healthcare providers, and the perspectives of people with lived experience.

Dr. Quinn is a scientist in the Primary Care & Health Systems research program at ICES. His research interests include palliative care, multi-morbidity and health policy and reform.

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Kieran Quinn

Kieran Quinn


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