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ICES Mental Health and Addictions Research Symposium


On June 7, 2017, ICES hosted the Mental Health and Addictions Research Symposium 2017. The event also launched The Mental Health of Children and Youth in Ontario: 2017 Scorecard.

The speaker videos are now available on our Youtube channel. 

Speakers included:

  • Welcome – Michael Schull, CEO, ICES
  • Keynote – Bob Bell, Deputy Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.
  • Research update – Astrid Guttmann, Chief Science Officer, ICES
  • Research update – Paul Kurdyak, Mental Health and Addictions Program Lead, ICES
  • Panel – Patrick Dicerni, MoHLTC; Anna Greenberg, HQO; Judy Switson, MCYS
  • Future Directions for Data – Sujitha Ratnasingham, Director, Data Partnerships & Development, ICES

MHASEF Symposium