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DAS 1000


We’re thrilled to announce that we have responded to 1000 research requests from health service organizations and healthcare stakeholders. In 2014, ICES’ Data & Analytic Services (DAS) was launched as a result of the commitment by the OSSU, a network of 14 leading health research centres, dedicated to fostering data equity and data sharing.

What does DAS do? Our team of experienced specialists works with you and provides data, analytic and reporting expertise to bring your research project to life. DAS serves researchers, students, and Indigenous and community-led organizations, to meet your research needs and answer healthcare-related questions that will benefit the lives of the people you serve.

This extraordinary milestone would not have been possible without the people of DAS and their continued dedication to customer service and research excellence.

ICES is grateful for the contributions of our funders and partners, SPOR, SPOR SUPPORT Units, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Ontario Ministry of Health. We thank everyone who has made this achievement possible.

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DAS 1000


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