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Become an ICES Scientist

ICES scientists are independent researchers with a university academic appointment at the level of assistant professor or higher and who have experience using ICES or similar administrative health data to conduct health services research. ICES scientists are appointed to the ICES research program which best fits their interests and, as such, become members of a network of health services researchers from across Ontario.

All initial ICES scientist appointments are probationary and are contingent on:

  • An Ontario university academic appointment at the level of assistant professor or higher.
  • At least two peer-reviewed publications with a lead role (primary or senior author) using data from ICES (or substantially similar data from another jurisdiction).
  • For applicants who have previously held ICES student or trainee appointments, demonstrated ability to conduct ICES research in compliance with all relevant ICES policies and procedures and ability to engage with ICES staff as part of a project team.
  • Funds to carry out the proposed independent program of research from sources such as grants, departmental funds or funds from a mentor or collaborator's grant. Applicants need not personally hold a grant for ICES research personally at the time of their application for appointment.

ICES scientist applications must include:

  • A completed ICES Scientist Application Form.
  • A one to two page outline of a) the applicant’s specific research plans for working with ICES data and staff during the first three years of appointment, including how the work will be funded and the ICES research program and site where the work will take place; and b) an outline of any projects already underway using ICES data.
  • A current curriculum vitae with all projects and publications using ICES data annotated.
  • A letter from the applicant’s ICES mentor outlining the support that will be provided to the probationary appointee. The ICES mentor must be a full status ICES scientist who has completed their own probationary period.
  • If the applicant wishes to be appointed at an ICES site, a letter from the site director supporting the appointment.
  • A completed Conflict of Interest Declaration Form (which requires review of the ICES Conflict of Interest Policy).

Individuals who have conflicts of interest that require a management plan that limits their ability to participate in research at ICES, and/or which pose a reputational risk to ICES, as determined by the CEO, will not normally be appointed as an ICES scientist.

ICES scientist appointment applications are reviewed by the Program Leaders' Committee and decisions regarding appointments are made by the ICES CEO based on the recommendations of this committee. Exceptions to the appointment criteria may be granted by the ICES CEO on a case-by-case basis.

Upon fulfilling all requirements of the probationary appointment, an ICES scientist may progress to a full status ICES scientist appointment. Full status ICES scientists may serve as:

  • The primary ICES supervisor to ICES students, ICES post-doctoral trainees, ICES fellows and ICES visiting scholars.
  • The ICES mentor for probationary ICES scientists.
  • The responsible ICES scientist on non-ICES researcher’s grants and projects using ICES data.

Individuals who are interested in becoming an ICES Scientist are encouraged to discuss their plans with the program lead of the ICES research program that best aligns with their area of interest. To apply to become an ICES scientist, please send all required application documents to the appropriate research program coordinator (for applicants to ICES Central or the Kidney, Dialysis & Transplantation Research Program) or facility administrator (for applicants to an ICES site):

Research Program Coordinators

Cancer Program:

Cardiovascular Program:

Chronic Disease and Pharmacotherapy:

Kidney, Dialysis and Transplantation:

Life Stage:

Mental Health and Addictions:

Populations and Public Health:

Primary Care and Health Systems:

Facility Administrators

ICES McMaster:

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